Some circumstances are more obvious than others.  For example, when a law enforcement officer wants to speak to you about YOUR conduct, you need representation.  What if, however, the approach by law enforcement is based upon someone else’s conduct?  That is often a ruse to engage a person whom
law enforcement believes was involved with and/or aided the criminal conduct of others.

Like threatening weather, some storms take time to reach critical mass and law enforcement investigations are no different.  A subpoena for documents and/or testimony from a law enforcement agency and/or prosecutorial authority may be either the first step or the last in an investigation leading to criminal charges.

I charge no consultation fee and if a simple conversation and/or phone call will allow me to advise you that my services are not required, it would be my pleasure to do so.  In return, you will have had a pleasant, painless experience with an honest criminal defense attorney, something you will remember, well, the next time you are asked, Do you know a good criminal defense attorney?