Rarely discussed on a web site for fear of scaring off a potential client, the truth is, at least for my services: expensive.  Of course, it depends upon the nature of  the case, such as the charges, the size of the case (number of people charged, which increases the length of trial), whether in state or federal court, the relative consequences of an adverse conclusion (for example, a commercial airline pilot charged with DUI faces much more significant consequences than a  self-employed business owner) and the location of the case (does it require long distance travel?).  When you hire a criminal defense lawyer you are, most likely, in jeopardy of being a convicted felon and going to jail.   That is not the time to look for a “deal”.  What you want, what you NEED, is results.  The pain of hiring a “cheap” criminal attorney may be life altering and remain long after the “savings” has been forgotten.